Friday, October 06, 2006

You can't see it in the picture but the 7-Eleven on the left has 5 pairs of sandals sitting outside the door. When you enter a home, restaurant, or shop, it is customary to remove your shoes at the door. There is also a flip flop monster that steals your flip flops so when you walk outside they are gone. That is just part of life in Thailand and why the best flip flops are only 80 baht ($2).

I don't know what kind of "curry" I've eaten before, but if what I had last night was real curry then the other stuff wasn't. This beautiful restaurant sits right on Hat Sai Ree beach in Koh Tao. I had an incredible meal with a banana shake for just a couple of dollars. Life here is quite grand.


Juniro said...

Iam not in Ko Tao anymore... come to Ko Pha Ngan!
Its raining in the North..
raining everywhere.
or, better, come to Phuket!
How was the pool today?

Steven Harrington said...

You look like you're doing well. How is the diving going? Will you have your Open Water Certification when done? That is really cool. I'm at the lake tonight then off to Spokane Saturday morning for the Griz game. I am working with now on Higgins Ave. making phone calls. I will look into flights to Thailand for late November. Then I might stay through the Spring so keep good notes on where you go and what you do. Love, Dad