Thursday, October 05, 2006

I arrived at the Chumpon ferry dock at 5 am this morning. The sun had just began to rise. I left Bangkok at night and travelled overnight so the trip was not very scenic. However, everybody seems to travel at night because you don't waste a day and you don't get stuck in Chumpon overnight. (you also save on a nights lodging)

I met one American on the trip.... a 22 year old who "moved" to Thailand 4 months ago from Texas. He is the only American I have met thus far. There are loads of tourists and they all seem to be from Europe and Australia. A local Thai told me they rarely see Americans in comparison to Europeans and Australians. Also, he said there is a surprisingly large number of Canadians... hmmmm. (I have only met 1)

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Steven Harrington said...

Your photo brings back memories. Don't forget the opportunity to swim with the sharks at OK11 at the end of the road. Your place looks great. How far are you from the village? There is a restaurant on the road coming into the village that sells the British "bean" specialty for breakfast. Getting your open water is a great idea. Good luck!! Love, Dad

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