Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We turned off the main highway on an unmarked road and found ourselves in this beautiful mountain village. The villagers smiled at us and welcomed us in to their town for a look around. The top picture shows a rice patty just on the edge of the village. We took a walk along it and found these boys swimming in the irrigation stream. They loved having us take their photo and show them the image on our camera.

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lisa said...

If you see any cell towers up there in the mountains, Aaron, get a photo for me. Those kids in the water are so cute! Why weren't you two tearing it up on the dance floor in the disco car? ;) Seems like you're having a great time.... Looking forward to finding out where you end up next. xo lisa

Check out this project called
First Mile Solutions in Cambodia sometime if you have a chance --

They use motorcyles w/ wi fi cards to deliver and pick up packets of data and provide web access to remote villages like the ones it seems like you're passing through in Thailand.