Friday, October 20, 2006

The power went out in Mae Chang and the total darkness was great for some long exposure shots. I took this single exposure shot of Aaron using a 60 second exposure and a headlamp. He used a headlamp to "paint" himself into the picture, then shut if off and move to a different spot and repeat the process. The image is a single exposure shots that was not edited at all.


lisa said...

Wow -- what a photo -- it's amazing that power outages and a little imagination can generate such great art. I thought I glimpsed a mustache on Aaron's face, or was it the trick photography? How are you guys communicating with people in the remote areas? Do some of the people speak a little English? Body language? Charades? Keep the stories coming--your blog is great. I'm impressed by how well you're documenting the trip.

John Harrington said...

no trick photography... there wasn't a mustache in this picture but there might be one in pictures to come.

We have been communicating with people everywhere we go.. the people in remote areas are difficult as few speak English, but we still talk to many of them. They are incredibly nice and it is common for them to offer us a beer and offer a seat at their table.