Friday, October 20, 2006

We arrived in Mae Hong Son Wednesday evening with little knowledge of what we would find. What we found was a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and a lake surrounded by a night market. We strolled the night market food stalls (as usual) and had a beer at a local disco.

Our guesthouse view was of the lake where the night market was. This picture is of Aaron checking out the scene the following morning from our guesthouse balcony.

Mae Hong Son gets its fair share of travellers, although far less than Pai (about 100 km away). We were there during low season and there we didn't see many other travellers. (maybe a couple) This is a great time to travel in Northern Thailand. The rainy season seems to be over and very few travellers are around. (with the exception of Pai) The roads are nicely paved, although very steep and full of sharp curves. 100 km can easily take 4 hours to travel.

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