Sunday, October 15, 2006

Aaron and I have spent most of our time wandering through markets and eating almost anything we see. We generally buy some food, talk about how good it was, then go buy some different food. This was one street stall we decided to pass. This man was selling various bugs but the scorpions attracted the most attention. In this picture he is handling a live scorpion that will soon have the same fate as the fried scorpions below.

*I previously reported that these scorpions were "cockroaches". I don't know why I typed that.. As little as I know about eating bugs I did in fact know what these were.


Luke Rhinehart said...

actually the grasshoppers aren't too bad- they taste like chips with good seasoning. Mealworms are doable too. Just saying.

Cal said...

Is that a cockroach or a Scorpion? 'Cuz it looks like a scorpion to me. After how close you came to eating the sand-crab at the beach, I'm surprised you didn't throw down on one of those guys. May want to stay away from the chicken, tho. Make me proud!