Monday, December 11, 2006

The Similan Islands were impressive to say the least. The dive sites we visited were heavily saturated with life. Admittedly I am an abecedarian underwater photographer as I took all of the photographs in this post. (including those of myself- and with the exception of "Maverick")

Above: My Dad battles the choppy water just before a dive.

Above: One of many beautiful fishes I was unable to identify... or I have since forgotten the name.

Spotting this Sea Turtle completed a very fortunate early dive career. After 18 dives in Thailand I have seen a Whale Shark, dozens of Reef Sharks, and a Sea Turtle. (as well as a variety of smaller aquatic life and various types of coral)

My Dad waves to me at 20 meters.

I told the Dive boat to refer to me as Maverick.. it didn't catch on.



Alane said...

Hey,, I mean John, the water looks choppy. Did the surge push you around much under the surface? Great visibility...nothing like the Pacific (at least the coast of the USA). It looks like so much fun!

nate said...

I think I ate soup out of that turtles shell a few days after this picture was taken. So majestic