Friday, December 15, 2006

I am sitting in the Bangkok airport waiting for my departure to Taipei. After an incredible trip I am ready to go home. Please keep checking my blog for the next couple of weeks as I have many pics and videos I plan to post from my trip. I had to skip over a lot in order to keep the blog updated.

I am looking forward to seeing everybody when I get home. Please don't be mad if I didn't bring you anything... because unless your name starts with an L and ends in indsay I probably didn't. Thank you for understanding.

(btw- the first post on this blog has my itinerary if you are interested in tracking my flight progress Mom)

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Alane said...

LOL - I am so glad that you are home, so happy that you have had this wonderful experience, so proud of your skill in creating this excellent site, and so enlightened about my views of SE Asia. Your trip served as a geography / cultural anthropology course for me. I enjoyed every post and feel a bond with my global neighbors in SE Asia. Well done, John. Welcome home!