Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The stunningly modern local office of Lao Air, which I will be flying to Bangkok on Friday. (note: sarcasm)

This flight will be my 3rd regional flight. (1. Saigon-Hanoi on Vietnam Airlines 2. Hanoi-Bangkok on Asia Air 3. Luang Prabang-Bangkok on Lao Air)

Vietnam Airlines was very nice and up to the standards I'm used to. Asia Air was a pretty bad experience as the staff blatantly lied to us about the departure time several times (as they knew the incoming flight had yet to take off- they still told us our flight was leaving shortly- a common problem I later found out)

I'm curious to see how the Air Lao experience is.

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Alane said...

You are going to fly out and miss that "wonderful" train ride? There is a pattern here!
This airport building looks alot like the one we flew out of in Meridian, Mississippi! Let me know if they have orange plastic chairs in the passenger waiting area. No "first class lounges" for you this time.