Thursday, October 26, 2006

Phnom Penh is described in the LP guidebook as a city of deep contrast between rich and poor. It is the capital of a country that has undergone tremendous hardship over the past 30 years and it shows. There is a lot of beauty in this city and a lot of things that are difficult to look at. A moto ride down the street will fill your nose with all sorts of smells and very few of them are good.

There is a large and visible population of foreigners in this town and many of them live here. There are a lot of aid organizations as well as international banks who are investing in Cambodia hoping to make a profit. There are some very wealthy Cambodians who stand out as they drive Lexus SUVs and other luxury vehicles down streets full of carts being pushed by hand.

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Sean said...

The photos remind me of Salt Lake City.


*Judging from the flood photos, Aaron already is.