Thursday, October 26, 2006

The first night we arrived in Phnom Penh with no idea where to go. We decided to follow the guide book and head for the backpacker ghetto along Boeung Kak Lake. That was a big mistake. The several rooms we looked at were full of mozzies and incredibly dirty. Rumor is that the area is going to be bulldozed soon and the places have just been run into the ground. There is not reason to stay or visit this area in PP.

We decided to splurge a bit (compared to what we typically pay) and go for something nice. We moved to the Tonle Sap Riverfront and found a great place for $20 a night. Our room is on the 5th floor and the balcony has a wonderful view.

We read about the Foreign Correspondent's Club down the street and checked it out last night. It is a beautiful restaurant on the 2nd floor overlooking the Tonle Sap. We stayed for the 2 hour happy hour and about an hour extra. The place is great for people watching as it serves as a primary meeting place for news correspondents in the area.

The food in Cambodia is nothing compared to Thailand. Most of the dishes are rather bland and they use a mild chili sauce to spice things up. (it is quite bland as well) The street stalls are nothing like Thailand and we've only found 1 that we liked.

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