Monday, October 09, 2006

Here I am again having a meal with an incredible view... This restaurant overlooks "Shark Bay" on the south end of the island.

Today I am finishing the final day of my advanced scuba diving course. Yesterday we did a deep dive to 100 meters, a navigational dive, and last night a night dive. The night dive was incredible as you can turn off your torch and see bioluminescence in the water. This is a chemical reaction wich causes a light emission from contact with an organism, such as plankton. A wave of the hand leaves a trail of light like you see when you wave a sparkler. It is very cool.

This afternoon I will make my final two dives. Both will be in an area known for sharks. I hear that swimming with sharks is one of the greatest dive experiences. I can't wait. (like most sharks, these are harmless)

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Jill said...

This is the restaurant that was right next door to the OK2 Bungalows where we stayed for two weeks. We spent many-a-day just hanging out on this deck drinking beer and loving life.