Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Every month Ban's Dive Resort, where I have been staying, has a party in honor of a different country. This month it was Germany. Now the fire dancer pictured above has nothing to do with Germany, I still thought it was a picture worth sharing.

For some reason the dive instructors did not seem to be happy with the German theme this month. I heard several saying, "there is nothing to celebrate with Germany" and they were very bothered by the giant German flag that was draping the beachfront bar when our boat returned from the dive site.

*I thought the German theme was great, although I didn't try the German sausages they were serving. I did drink some Heineken but that really doesn't count as it is brewed in Bangkok and Germans generally dissaprove of calling Heineken "German".

I am leaving Koh Tao today. I will travel by ferry (no, not by fairy) for 3 hours to Chumpon. In Chumpon I will board an overnight train to Bangkok. I arrive in Bangkok around 6 am tomorrow and I will be meeting Aaron Jones in Bangkok that afternoon. He arrives around 12:30. We will probably stay in Bangkok for a couple days then make our way north to Chiang Mai, provided it hasn't washed away in the flood.

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Jill said...

Chiang Mai was one of my favorite spots in Thailand - an amazing city steeped in history and culture. There are lots of great Thai cooking schools to check out if you're feeling so inclined...