Thursday, November 30, 2006

We made our way from the beautiful islands of Phi Phi to the Krabi Province in Southern Thailand. Krabi is considered to be one of the world's premier rock climbing destinations. The limestone cliffs that jet out of the tropical Andaman Sea are a breathtaking sight.

The above image is my father looking off the port side of a longtail boat we hired to take us from Ao Nang Beach to Ton Sai Beach.

As we approached Ton Sai it was quite clear as to why there aren't any roads connecting the village to mainland Thailand. The entire village is surrounded by limestone cliffs. The only way in or out is by boat.

At night the village of Ton Sai is rather busy. The lights from the bars light up the cliffs surrounding the village.

During low-tide the rocky bottom in Ton Sai is exposed. Low-tide also provides a walking path to nearby Railay Beach.

This image shows the west end of Ton Sai Beach.

Image of Ton Sai from a longtail boat.

Many of these limestone cliffs are bolted which helps make climbing routes abundant for all skill levels.

Leaving Ton Sai Beach by longtail you can see how difficult it is to take a level photograph.

As we made our way from Ton Sai to Ao Nang Beach we passed this beach resort nestled in between the cliffs.


Jamie said...

Definitely a paradise. It is beautiful. In the spirit of the upcoming playoff weekend, I did notice in previous photo postings that Steve was wearing the Bobcat colors. The Cats appreciate his support.

e.john.b said...

It's true... the Cats need support from ALL over the world to pull off a win this weekend.

Go Grizzly Bears!

Jill said...

Brings back memories of being there. Great area. Hope the snorkelling is as good as it was when your dad and I were there. I may just have to book a flight.