Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We found the only place in Vietnam (according to the owner) that rents large dirtbikes. For $22/day you can rent a Honda 250 XR and be the king of the road. We rented 2 bikes and became instant celebrities with the locals.

We took a 3 day trip through Northern Vietnam from Hanoi to Mai Chao and back on a loop. We definitely got off the beaten path on roads you won't find in the guide book. We encountered spectacular scenery, shitty roads, and a lot of curious looks. Upon arrival we generally attracted quite a crowd.

Everybody drives a motorbike in this country (very few personal cars), however, they all drive bikes that are 150 cc's or less. You can't buy anything bigger so you can imagine the reaction when some foreigners roll into town on something most Vietnamese people have never seen in person.

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OHMYGOD! i totally heart this blog.