Thursday, September 21, 2006

After increasing my eBay feedback score by 5 points and using my $30 credit for opening a credit card (which I cut up afterwards) I am ready to go. So far I am packing the following:

1. Toiletry bag: Inside are various essentials such as: small first aid kit, bug spray, wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, shampoo, Crew fiber, generic allergy medicine (loratadine), anti-malarial medication (doxicycline), sunscreen, face lotion, razor, shaving cream, and probably a few other small things I'm forgetting.
2. Prescription sunglasses and prescription glasses
3. Battery operated I-pod charger
4. I-pod
5. Full sized and face sized travel towels
6. Travel Pillow
7. Day bag
8. Inflatable pillow I got for $0.99 that I will probably dispose of after the flight to BKK.
9. Zip-Lock bags for clothing (separate clean and dirty bags)
10. Various guide books (LP Thailand, SE Asia on a shoestring, 1 map Bangkok, 1 map Thailand, phrase book)
11. Travel camera tripod
12. Blackberry GSM based so I will have a local Thailand phone number while traveling. It will also provide me with internet, e-mail, google talk, google maps, and more 24/7 virtually anywhere I travel. (for keeping in touch with Lindsay)
13. Silk bed liner (inside the orange stuff sack)

Not Pictured: Petzl headlamp (I seem to have misplaced it at the moment)
Camera (I had to use it to take the picture)


nate said...

The weird thing is to me is the contrast between the blackberry and the "SE asia on a shoestring", the silk bed liner and the inflatable pillow, the generic allergy medicine and the wet wipes. Don't forget a list of emergency phone numbers written with a snail-pen in case you get robbed or worse, drunk.

matt said...

are you gonna wipe your bumhole with the wet wipes?